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Make-Up For Asian Skin - Tips to Get a Beautiful Look

Tips to Get a Beautiful Look

Like most women, Asian women buy makeup regularly. For an Asian woman to get the most of her money, she needs to know the required types of make-up for Asian skin.
Basic to make up application is choosing the right foundation. To do this, one needs to take important notice of its tone. Having more melanin in their skin, Asians are not as fair as Caucasians. An Asian woman will usually have to get a foundation with yellow undertones. In addition, more melanin in the skin makes it prone to discoloration. Changing cosmetic brands very often should therefore be avoided. Giving the skin too much chemicals to handle will only cause it to be discoloured.
Choosing a foundation with at least SPF 15 will also prove to be a wise decision. This gives ample protection from the harmful, skin cancer causing rays of the sun. Hypoallergenic products are of course best for those with sensitive skin.
Aside from skin tone, giving importance to the type of skin is a must. Because Asian skin is generally oily, it is important to choose makeup that are oil-free. While hydrating oily skin is important, one must remember to pick water based moisturizers instead of oil based.
If break outs happen due to excessive oil, use gentle astringents that have organic components. Ingredients such as cinnamon extract and pomegranate extract help to control acne and pimples by reducing facial oil without causing too much dryness. Strong astringents, which usually have Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid for ingredients, may cause excessive peeling and dryness. Remember, anything too much is bad. Once your skin is devoid of oil, your body will go into panic and produce even more oil. So before you buy an astringent, check the back side of the bottle and make sure to put it back unless the ingredients are organic.
For eye makeup or blush, choose from the array of powder make-ups. The cream based ones will often have more oil. Also, the lighter tones or neutral shades go well with Asian skin. But when it comes to the eyeliners and mascara, darker shades of brown or black do the trick.
When shopping for make-up, simply keep in mind your skin type and tone; and everything else should follow. Basically, makeup Asian skin [] should be kept oil-free; so stick with the powder types. Also, remember that foundations are meant to even out your skin tone, and not change it.
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