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Makeup Tips - Shine Control (Beauty Contol Makeup)

Shine Control (Beauty Contol Makeup)
Do you have an oily complexion? Well, if you do then it can be difficult at times to control the shine of your face caused from excess oil. If you're out in the sun a lot, this makes things even more difficult. Not to worry, there are a couple of makeup and cosmetic solutions to assist you with shine control.
Mineral Makeup
The first thing you may want to consider doing is making use of light and natural makeup. One type that is become more and more popular is mineral makeup because it is derivative of natural ingredients, and it is said to be healthy for your skin. Not only does it refrain from clogging your pores, it can very possible improve your overall complexion. For shine control purposes, mineral makeup is made up of very finely crushed powder. This fine powder is very dry and does a great job of absorbing facial oil.
Just because the makeup absorbs excess oil doesn't mean that it's not there. No, it is still there but disguised and hidden very well. So, how do you rid your face of excess oils without removing the cosmetics you applied as well?
Oil Blotting Cosmetic Tissues
The solution to that problem is oil blotting cosmetic tissues. These are non pore clogging tissues that when patted on your face, absorbs oils without removing makeup. Just about every well-known cosmetic brand company products a type of these tissues. They are a bit pricey though ranging from around $3-12 for perhaps 50-150 2 inch by 3 inch small squares. Not to worry, for there is another solution to the high cost of these tissues.
My best kept secret is...Toilet cover sanitizers! I bet you didn't expect that one, huh? Well, they are made of the same fundamental things that pricey oil blotting tissues are made of minus the fancy name and company logo: Tissue paper! Best of all, you can get these for free in most public restrooms.
So while you're touching up your mineral makeup in a public restroom, go and grab a few toilet cover sanitizers. You can use some then, and put the rest in your purse for later!
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